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Training and Membership

We train people who want to pursue training through faith-based training.

As well as assisting churches local and global with the tools needed to succeed.

Est. in 2020, our professors have the training and skills necessary to assist your church while glorifying God.

Become a member: $100.00 for a year (Students)

$1000.00 for a year (Institution )

$5000.00 (Church)

Certified Christian Counselors Association (C.C.C.A.), a subsidiary of

 Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University.


Adult Bible Fellowships

To receive a quality education in Christian studies.  Please visit our affiliate:

College Ministry

Leaders Esteem Christian University offers the very best Christian studies. Please contact:

Teen Domestic Violence Certification 

This is a great certification class for all teens to take, why? so that you will be able to help other young ladies.

Christian Sorority

We are accepting new applications for new members:

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